Christmas Nougat for Foodies Festival

This Saturday head down to Foodies Festival at The Old Truman Brewery in Spitalfields to watch me whip up some ultra christmassy nougat & chat about myself at 12.30pm. 

Foodies Festival is the UK's largest family run food festival, I recently spoke at their summer one in Oxford, and loved the artisan environment they had created, from a Riverford Stand to delicious spiralized potatoes on sticks- the chicest way to eat chips! 

Tickets are on sale now and are available at or by calling 0844 995 1111

I have decided to demo Nougat this time- as it is really quite easy: you can chop and change the ingredients to suit you, and they make great stocking fillers- or fun presents for extended families. Just grab some coloured rice paper from, some small plastic bags from amazon & some coloured ribbon from PaperChase and you're ready to rumble. 

White Chocolate, Pistachio, Rosemary & Orange Nougat


150g soaked & peeled pistachios, then left to dry out

200g white choc, chopped into 1cm pieces

125g unsalted butter, chopped into 1cm pieces

1 large orange, zested 

4 large rosemary sprigs, picked & finely chopped

1 vanilla pod, split lengthways, seeds removed & set aside, pods can be put in a tub with some sugar to make vanilla sugar for another time. 

125g honey, best quality possible

250g liquid glucose

440g caster sugar

60ml cold water

2 organic free-range medium egg whites

good pinch of salt


Prepare your mise-on-place, so prepare all your ingredients as per the instructions above. 

Place the white choc in the freezer

Place the butter in the fridge for 20mins.

Line a shallow baking tray, roughly 20x30cm with rice paper, making sure you have enough to cover the top as well. (use a little butter grease to help stick the rice paper to the tray)

Put the sugar, honey & glucose in a pan & add the water. Bring to the boil over a medium heat. Continue to boil until the mix reaches 135c.

While the sugar mix is heating, whisk the egg whites slowly with a pinch of salt until they foam, then increase the speed until soft peaks emerge.

As soon as the sugar mix reaches temperature remove it from the heat & leave it to rest for a minute. Then with the mixer on a slow speed pour the sugar into the eggs. Once it is all added increase the speed.

When the mix is still just warm add the butter pieces whilst whisking to break down the chunks. Once it is evenly combined add the vanilla seeds, orange zest & rosemary.

Stop whisking & fold in the pistachios. Lastly stir in the white chocolate, work fast as the mix will begin to set. Pour the mix into the baking tin & cover with the remaining sheets of rice paper, press down so that there are no air bubbles.

Cover with clingfilm & chill in the fridge overnight.

Cut up & keep in the fridge until ready to serve.