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Cicely's Diwali Celebration Cake ft. Pale Pink Glittery Sugar Glass

Cicely's Diwali Celebration Cake ft. Pale Pink Glittery Sugar Glass

I came across a recipe on how to make sugar glass on the web a while back. It seems complicated but if you're organised, not scared of boiling sugar, and want to add some pa-zazz to your cakes then its really super easy. 

First things first, locate some liquid glucose. I suggest doing a Tesco online shop- you can buy it from there for £1, or go to a large large Tescos/Waitrose and you should find it. If you are planning for sugar glass making to be a regular occasion you can go all out and buy a 1kg tub from Amazon. You will also need a sugar thermometer, these you can get for like £2 from Amazon- they are really useful if you want to get into stuff like honeycomb etc as well. Gloves are important too- amazon for catering gloves or kitchen marigolds will do. 

Gel food colouring deserves its own blog post. It is amazing. It will seem expensive at £3.50-£5 a small pot- but I've had most of mine for 2 years and think how much I must use it! They don't mess with the liquid ratio of your recipes, don't go off, don't leak in your cupboards, don't taste in your recipes, and you buy them in literally any colour. Amazon sells loads- as well as cook shops on most high streets. 

This will make a 25cmx 15cm baking tray's worth of sugar glass. 


250ml water

392g caster sugar

Gel food colouring, any colour- liquid is okay too but not preferable. 

125ml liquid glucose

1/8 tsp cream of tartar

Sugar Thermometer

Catering Gloves

Olive Oil 

Tin foil


First line your tray fully, i.e. the sides as well, with tin foil. Then pour a little bit of oil onto the foil, and brush all over- either with a pastry brush, or some kitchen towel. 

Leave for 30 mins- (god knows why- but I was told to do this- and I've never dared not. If you can't be arsed to wait and try it straight away let me know the results). 

Next measure out your ingredients straight into a heavy bottomed pan (if you know you will have no one to help you pour it out later on, use a pan with a pouring-lip). Top Tip: Glucose is the stickiest muvva around, if you wet your hands you can scrape out the last bits without getting too sticky. 

So... now, you've waited 30 minutes and you've measured everything into a heavy bottomed pan. Stir everything together so that its combined fully.

Over a medium heat, bring the mixuture to the boil and wait for thermometer to reach 150celcius. You'll find it stalls at 120-130 but be patient and it will suddenly whizz up. The first few times I would watch the thermometer the whole time- there's no need for that, it takes about 10 mins to get anywhere close to 150.  

Once at 150- take off the heat and leave to cool to 130celcius. This will happen quite quickly. 

Now, pour onto baking tray, it is advisable to have someone holding the pan for you as you scrape out with a silicone spatula. Work fast, as it will quickly become unpourable. 

Jiggle it around in the baking tray to thin it out. Then leave to cool completely. If you want glittery sugar glass, shake it over when cool and spread with your fingers. 

When it has cooled completely, and just before you want to use it, remove from the tray whilst still attached to the foil, and drop onto your table/work surface. It will shatter into shards. These you can use to decorate. Drop it as hard/soft, little/much, as you want to- obviously the softer and less you drop it the bigger your shards. 

This is important: if you have NOT added glitter then whenever you touch the glass wear gloves, you can buy catering ones from amazon, or wear kitchen marigolds. Otherwise you WILL leave fingerprints. Not so nice. 

Happy Cooking, 

Cicely x